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The SB460 and SB3.0041 training below is required for all teachers who were hired AFTER the Elkhart ISD August In-Service for the 2014-2015 School Year.

Teachers who had the SB 460 & SB 3.0041 training at EISD last year do NOT have to repeat it. Any teacher who had the SB460 and SB3.0041 training at another district last year may present a dated certificate or a copy of a sign-in sheet to the Special Programs Director as a proof of attendance.
School Districts in the State of Texas are required by SB460 and SB3.0041 to provide training to teachers and other staff members on both Mental Health/Suicide Prevention and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.  The links below meet those requirements.  Please complete all and sign off in your principals office.
SB3.0041 (Child Sexual Abuse Prevention):
Sexual Abuse Prevention Training: http://www.d2l.org/site/c.4dICIJOkGcISE/b.6035035/k.8258/Prevent_Child_Sexual_Abuse.htm#.V6HxavkrLRY
Recognition of Maltreatment of Children and Child Abuse Reporting Training:http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/Training/Reporting/default.asp

The following sessions may be completed individually at school or at home:

  •  Introduction to Bloodborne Pathogens:
  • Suicide Prevention-Assessing Suicide Risk and Taking Proper Action:



  • Food Allergy Awareness Training

The following sessions may be completed individually at school or at home:
For new hires and those hired after the 2014 August In-Service who have not had the training at any point during the last school year.
Video is located above in the red column under Videos
Mental Health Warning Signs and Suicide Prevention