Board Members 2014-2015


Harold Holloway - President

Joe Estes - Vice President

Krispen Rucker - Secretary

Paul Barnett

Kevin Bush

Charles McShan

Dr. Tom Witte




2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR



1.     The District will provide for the tax-paying citizens and students of Elkhart I.S.D. a safe, well-rounded, school system that will reflect the highest standards of accountability, ethics, academics, financial accountability, personnel expectations, programs/events, and facilities. 

2.     The District will establish and implement a District-Wide Motto of “Student Centered and Results Driven.”

3.    The District will encourage community and parental involvement in terms of input, as well as participation and attendance at events. 

4.    The overall goal of the District shall be the providing of a school system that the community can be proud of.

5.    The District shall utilize technological means to keep the public informed at all times of the school’s accomplishments and events.    

Results in this area will be judged by the community’s perception of being positively and openly involved via open and clear lines of communication to include open meetings, newsletters, event calendars, website postings, marquee updates, and special events.    


1.     The District will strive to provide the highest quality instruction and instructional materials for ALL students via an integrated Vertical Curriculum Alignment process. 

2.    The District will maintain a 100% High School Graduation Rate, based upon attendance, course completion, and standardized test passage.

3.    Levels of ACT, SAT, and Advanced Placement/Dual Credit offerings will increase, as well as student participation. 

4.    The needs of ALL students will be met, to include Special Education and Special Needs, Vocational, Gifted and Talented, and Technology/Trade preparation areas. 

5.    College and career scholarships will be maximized for as many students as possible who qualify.

Results in this area will be judged by high achievement on End of Course, STAAR, and Standardized Test scores, as well as AEIS, AYP, and PBMAS ratings, as well as composites of graduates in the areas they seek after graduation. 


1.     The Superintendent will establish and the Board will approve updated Job Descriptions and Evaluation Instruments for all employees of the District.

2.    The Superintendent will recommend to the Board and the Board will approve the hire and re-hire of only the highest quality employees.

3.    Employee and staff morale will be increased by special events.

4.    An incentive program whereby employees are recognized both financially and with awards will be continued.

5.    Employees will be encouraged to provide input and ownership into the educational process by service on committees, as well as Board recognitions.       

Results in this area will be judged by overall staff quality and performance, staff morale, and open correspondence with the Superintendent and Board. 


1.     The Superintendent will recommend to the Board and the Board will approve a tax rate which will not exceed $1.17 for Maintenance and Operations, and an Interest and Sinking rate of 19 cents for a Total Tax Rate of $1.36. 

2.    The Superintendent will recommend to the Board and the Board will approve a Balanced Budget (Projected Revenues to Expenditures) for the school year, and the Superintendent, Business Manager, Directors/Principals, and all employees will adhere to that budget.

3.    The District will maintain in reserve (Fund Balance) a minimum of $2.4 Million (Three Months Operating) at all times. 

4.     The Superintendent will recommend to the Board and the Board will approve a Salary Scale which will make Elkhart I.S.D. competitive with area Districts, as well as provide for financial incentives for employees to want to come to Elkhart I.S.D. and remain in Elkhart I.S.D.

5.    The District will maintain the highest standards of financial accountability.  All governmental, state, and local policies will be strictly adhered to, and budget functions will not be over-spent.   

Results in this area will be judged by the State’s “Financial Integrity Rating System” (FIRST), as well its’ annual financial audit by an independent firm.  Also, the Superintendent will provide monthly and quarterly financial updates to the Board for their approval. 




1.     Student growth will be accommodated within a safe, well-maintained learning environment, and the Board and Superintendent will work together on a Long-Range Facilities Plan and its’ implementation.   

2.    The Superintendent will provide the Board with an updated motor pool inventory, as well as recommend replacement of aging busses and vehicles as warranted.  

3.     A preventive maintenance schedule will be established for both facilities and the District’s motor pool. 

4.    Annual safety inspections on all facilities and motor pool will be conducted by the Superintendent and Directors, and reports provided to the Board. 

5.    All Transportation needs will be met, transportations studies conducted, and State reports filed by the Superintendent, who will in turn apprise the Board on the status of State compliance. 

Results in this area will be judged on an on-going basis via monthly updates from the Superintendent to the Board as warranted.  


Board Policy Manual

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