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Your application is important for the district AND your family. You may also qualify for waived testing fees, reduced college tuition fees, state-funded pre-kindergarten, and Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) for remote learning if quarantined. This application will also provide our District with much-needed education funding, such as EISD being a Title One school district, providing more technology, supplies, and resources in the classroom.


Families can fill out and submit school meal applications at any point in the school year as well as submit a new application if something changes, such as a loss of job or decrease in work hours and or the birth of a child, etc.

Applications are intended for every family enrolled in EISD. They do not require a social security number and are completely confidential, you can send this back in an envelope or drop it off at the Administration Office if you prefer.


We appreciate you taking the time to complete this application.


Please turn in completed applications as early as possible.


Thank you,

Elkhart ISD – Child Nutrition Department

National School Lunch Application 

2022-23 Meal Prices



Reduced Price                                      .30

Elementary & Intermediate       1.75

Middle School                                    1.75

High School                                          1.75

Adult                                                        4.00

Second Breakfast                             2.25

Breakfast Entre'                                1.25



Reduced Price                                       .40

Elementary & Intermediate        2.50

Middle School                                     2.75

High School                                          2.75

Adult                                                        4.50

Lunch Entre'                                        2.00

Lunch Side                                            1.25


A la carte

Milk                                                            .75

Switch                                                     1.50

Capri Sun                                               1.00

Water                                                      1.00

Sparkling Ice                                        2.25

Pop Tart                                                  1.00

Rice Krispy (Mini)                                .50

Rice Krispy (Large)                           1.50

Cookies                                                     .75

Lemonade                                             1.00

Iced Tea                                                   1.00

Gatorade                                                1.50

Diet Soda                                               1.70

Ice Cream                                              1.25

What is included in EISD reimbursable Meal?
Choose 3 - 4 Options for a Full Breakfast
  • Two Entrees - one grain and one meat
  • Two Selections of Fruit or One Fruit and One Juice
  • Milk
Choose 3 - 5 Options for a Full Lunch
  • An entree
  • Two Selections of Vegetables or one Fruit and one vegetable
  • A grain
  • Milk
A la Carte and Snacks
In addition to the free meals, we provide a la carte items and snacks for purchase.
Our students can purchase these additional items with cash in the cafeteria.
USDA's Competitive Food Nutrition Standards
All food and/or beverages items sold during the school day on the school campus that is not a part of the reimbursable meals must meet the Beverage standards, General Food Nutrition Standards, and the Nutrient Standards for Competitive Foods, known as Smart Snacks regulations. 
The district has adopted and enforced policies to ensure that district campuses comply with the Texas Department of Agriculture vending machine and food service guidelines for restricting student access to vending machines.
MySchoolBucks Online Meal Account
For convenience, parents can also load money on their MySchoolBucks account. By doing so, the child can pay for additional items without bringing cash to school.
You can add money to MySchoolBucks by visiting the cafeteria and paying in cash. This method has no additional fees. 
You can also go online and use a credit card with a fee of $2.49 per transaction.