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Food and Child Nutrition Services

ALL Students EAT FREE!

Elkhart ISD participates in a variety of programs that offer nutritional school meals to all students at no cost regardless of family income.  We were able to provide this because of a waiver from the United States Department of Agricultural (USDA) regarding COVID. This has been a true blessing for our students!  Depending on what the USDA allows for the upcoming school year, we hope to be able to continue this program.  


Your application is important for the district AND your family. Aside from your student receiving free meals, you may also qualify for: waived testing fees, reduced tuition fees, state funding Pre-Kindergarten, and Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) for remote learning. This application will also provide our District with much-needed Education Funding.

Families can fill out and submit school meal applications at any point in the school year as well as submit a new application if something changes, such as a parent or other family member in the household lost their job or had their hours reduced.


Applications are intended for every family enrolled in EISD. They do not require a Social Security number and are completely confidential.  


We appreciate your taking the time to complete this application. Because of you, we can hope to continue providing healthy meals for your child with the goal of helping them learn and grow throughout this year and beyond.


Thank you,

Elkhart ISD – Child Nutrition Department

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