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Telehealth Partnership with Children's Hospital

Hello Elkhart Family!

     I wanted to take a moment to remind parents/guardians of the continued availability of Telehealth offered in partnership with Children’s Hospital. This is a service in which your child may be seen in the nurse’s office via virtual appointment with a physician or physician’s assistant for any number of medical issues such as: cough, asthma, head lice, pink eye, allergies, strep throat, and the flu. With the use of Telehealth, suspected flu or strep throat cases may be tested in office with results immediately. Benefits of virtual appointments may include not having to go to the MD office which will cut down on the possible exposure to other individuals that are sick; ease of appointment with most children being seen within the hour and the ease of receiving prescriptions. Medicaid and most insurances are accepted with a copay being the same amount as the in-person copay. For children without insurance, a $50 maximum charge will be billed after the visit. However, there is a discount applied to the bill if it is paid within 2 weeks of receipt. Please reach out to me with any questions you may have. 

Thank you,

Nurse Link