Elkhart Independent School District

The Elkhart ISD Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Dr. Lamont Smith has been named the district’s lone finalist for its superintendent vacancy.

He also has administrative experience in East Texas schools.
Dr. Smith employs a collaborative style of leadership that will enable Elkhart ISD to maximize the strengths of its current outstanding staff members. He brings extensive innovative leadership experience that will insure the best possible education for all Elkhart ISD students.
The Board is excited to bring Dr. Smith’s knowledge, experience, personality, and optimism to the Elkhart School District and the Elkhart Community. He is a native of Anderson County having grown up and attended school in Cayuga where he still has family.
Dr. Smith recognizes and understands Elkhart values and he believes sustained success depends on maintaining those values. He expressed his excitement about “putting on the red and blue” and getting to work.
The Elkhart ISD Board of Trustees has scheduled a meeting on August 20, 2018 to officially hire Dr. Smith as Superintendent of the District with an August 21st start date.