Elkhart school employees celebrate special March bonus.

Elkhart ISD Superintendent Dr. Lamont Smith announces special bonus checks for teachers and staff over the school speaker system Thursday, March 4.

Teachers and staff at Elkhart Independent School District received a surprise “bonus” payment Thursday, March 4, just in time to plan for some Spring Break fun.

Administration, directors, counselors, certified librarians, nurses, teachers and technology staff members received a payment of $2,000 each and support staff, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance workers and paraprofessionals received $500 each.

Dr. Lamont Smith, Superintendent at Elkhart ISD made the announcement along with Launa Bacon, Director of Finance and Campus Principals on the behalf of the E.I.S.D. School Board in a celebratory fashion on each campus intercom while playing Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration.”

It was reported that some principals, teachers, bus drivers and custodians actually danced to the news.

“I am thankful that our school board makes decisive decisions to support our staff,” Smith said. “For the last two years, House Bill 3 afforded an opportunity for us to raise salaries for all staff throughout the district and to provide our staff with two additional payments. The March payment and the July retention payment has been a bright spot for all staff in the entire district.”

Smith said the Elkhart ISD staff does not have to worry or save from regular paychecks to address Christmas, Spring Break or summer activities.

“With the support of the finance team and Team of 8 (school board), we have been fortunate to put smiles on the faces of individuals that love and take care of our children on a daily basis,” he said.

Elkhart ISD allocated funds to provide support to educators.

These funds are designed to provide payments to staff as a demonstration of appreciation and hard work.

EISD recognizes the importance of having quality staff in all areas to meet the growing needs of students and community.

The payments were provided through HB 3.

“It is with great anticipation that we hope legislatures will continue to make funding education a top priority,” Smith said.