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Wellness and Immunizations


Elkhart health services strictly follows the Texas Department of Health Services guidelines for schools and child-care centers, which should create an environment for the child that promotes optimal learning.

The district employs two LVNs to assist students with all healthcare needs.

 For a chart of Communicable Disease for School and Child-Care Centers, please select this link:


Elkhart ISD health services conduct state mandated health screenings. Hearing, vision and spinal screenings are done according to law and students are referred to their health care provider if results are not within the normal limits.


Elkhart ISD enforces the Texas Department of State Health Services Immunization requirements. For more information on required immunizations please visit these Texas DSHS websites: or


See local policy FFAC.


Any student who is required to have specialized physical healthcare services during the school day must:

  • Have a written statement from the physician with procedure and time schedule
  • A parent/guardian must sign a consent form for the school nurse to perform the procedure
  • The parent/guardian shall provide all necessary supplies


All nursing staff are trained by the American Heart Association in CPR and First Aid. If a student is injured at school and required medical care, the parent/guardian is responsible for the expense.

Required Immunizations for Texas Public Schools