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The Purchasing Department assists schools and departments in the procurement of most items and services. We are a customer oriented, user-friendly organization dedicated to serve the schools and administration.


The department strives to secure the highest quality equipment, materials, services, and supplies at the lowest possible cost, in the shortest period of time from our responsible vendors to provide students with all that is necessary to ensure EISD's quality education. Insisting on fair competition, the department provides vendors with an opportunity to offer their products and/or services to the District.

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Additional Information:

Required by awarded vendor – incentive payments to staff that match the SFA faculty amount to be charged back to SFA as applicable.

Elementary and Intermediate Cafeteria
This cafeteria feeds our prekindergarten through 5th-grade students. Our facility allows for two serving lines at the same time and a spacious dining area for the student to enjoy their meals. The kitchen also has a spacious open floor plan equipped with a walk-in freezer and refrigerator as well as other amenities. 
Middle School Cafeteria 
This cafeteria feeds our 6th-grade through 8th-grade students. Even though this facility is small it serves this campus well. Students have the option to dine inside or outside. 
High School Cafeteria 
This cafeteria feeds our 9th-grade through 12th-grade students. Our newest facility offers a walk-in freezer and refrigerator and other amenities to meet our students' needs. Our high school students love the size of the cafeteria and being able to eat outside.