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Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan

Elkhart Independent School District seeks input from Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Administrators as well as the School Health Advisory and the District and Campus Level Site-Based Decision Making Committees when preparing its plans for Professional Development each year.

Surveys of workshop participants are used to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of training.  Professional Development Needs Surveys are used to determine the training needs of staff members.

State and Federally required training is provided during the first week of in-service training each year and as needed during the school year.  The specific requirements change with State and Federal mandates.

Opportunities to attend the 30 Basic Hours of Gifted and Talented Training are offered to new teachers and to those who are taking on G/T assignments for the first time during the school year and during the summer.  Six-hour G/T updates for those who already have the 30 Basic Hours are offered during each school year and during the summer.
The district applies for six Early Release Waiver Days for additional training each year.

Two pre-scheduled Comp. Days are offered each year for those teachers who attend two days of professional development training during the summer months.

In addition, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Administrators have opportunities to attend Professional Development Training in other locations such as the Region VII Education Service Center and various conference sites.  Decisions on the particular employees who will attend and on the number and location of workshops to be attended will be based upon the needs of the Students, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Administrators, and the availability of funds.  Title II, Part A monies cover the cost of a large portion of our Professional Development but local funding and some grant monies are expended for this purpose as well.