529 College Savings Account

At an early age, I knew that I was going to college because my parents informed me that I would.  When I didn’t have dreams and aspirations, they took it upon themselves to dream for me.  As parents, we have the same opportunity.  As our children are growing up, we must guide them into an unknown future and provide the resources and necessary tools for them to be successful.  If there is a possibility for them to go to college, we need them to apply themselves and get as many scholarships as possible.  With the growing cost of attending college, we can make conscious decisions to save now.  Below is a link that will explain the 529 college saving plan that I challenge you to look into further.  These plans can be established with your employer to withhold funds from your paycheck and deposited directly into a 529 savings account of which you can control.  Planning and focusing on the future will go a long way. 

Lamont Smith, Ed.D.

Elkhart ISD Superintendent

“Excellence Every Day In Every Way”